Making a difference

Mission Statement

To supplement the needs of disadvantaged teen moms with monthly ‘bundles’ of useful childcare supplies. By helping to alleviate the financial stress put on such mothers, it is our hope that their and their children’s overall well-being and happiness will be improved. 

How We Help

Our bundles of childcare supplies fit the exact needs of the mothers we serve. We partner with various organizations to intelligently distribute aid. For more information please contact us

How Can You Help

Donate or reach out and make a difference to our cause. 

What Do We Need

Each Bundle costs approximately $140 to put together. Here is what goes inside:

  1. Diapers
  2. Baby formula
  3. Wash & shampoo liquid
  4. Baby-sensitive laundry detergent
  5. Hand & face wipes
  6. Baby powder
  7. Baby bottles
  8. Vaseline 
  9. Diaper rash cream
  10. Cotton swabs
  11. Medical kit
  12. Baby oil
  13. Nail care set
  14. Pacifiers
  15. Thermometer
  16. Pacifier wipes

If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact us.